The Legacy of a «fantastic and extraordinary» World Championships

  • Internally and externally, the level of satisfaction couldn’t be any higher

Sierra Nevada 2017 has exceeded all expectations set by the International Ski Federation (FIS) when it was entrusted with hosting the second Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships, first hosted in Kriechberg (Austria) two years ago. The level of satisfaction amongst all the distinct organisations involved is highly notable. Granada and the resort have risen to the challenge and Sierra Nevada has elevated the magnitude FIS wanted to give these championships.

Not only that, the legacy of hosting such a prestigious event means the Granada resort can offer freestyle skiing and snowboarding as part of its tourist appeal, after five years working towards offering these emerging sports permanently. Internally and externally, the level of satisfaction couldn’t be any higher. FIS representative for Spain, Eduardo Roldán, conveyed enthusiastic congratulations for the success of Sierra Nevada 2017 from the skiing organisation’s president, Gianfranco Kasper, to IDEAL yesterday. «I’ve spoken with him and he asked me to send his warmest regards for the fantastic and extraordinary championships that have been hosted here».

Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation president, May Peus, was also keen to add to the eulogies and also express the delight of others. «I must congratulate the organising committee lead by Cetursa Sierra Nevada, but not just because I’m Spanish. I must convey what I’ve been told by all the other presidents of national federations, athletes and the public, who are all enthusiastic with their praise. I encourage Sierra Nevada to continue as a leading resort for international events, which helps RFEDI to continue promoting winter sports.»

Understandably, Cetursa Sierra Nevada was full of smiles yesterday, given how well everything has turned out. CEO María José López expressed her gratitude towards each and every component involved in the organisational process. «I have to thank everyone a great deal, because everyone has contributed a united effort for the Spanish Federation, the Andalusian Federation, the volunteers, MADOC, all of the police and military security bodies, all the institutions involved... Thanks to you all for being such a great team, we’ve made a great world championships», reflected López, who also highlighted the legacy that remains for Sierra Nevada beyond the world championships: «We wanted all local and national athletes to have a permanent location where they can train, and I think that’s the best legacy that Sierra Nevada has provided».

Cetursa had also set themselves another key objective during the the last couple of weeks, which was for the resort to continue functioning as normally as possible, whilst the championships were «an added bonus». Indeed, «The aim was that those who came here to ski would additionally be able to watch the greatest spectacle in winter sports competition. Making the two elements compatible was an important objective of ours, and we’ve achieved that.» He pointed out, adding, «We have an exceptional climate here and another great strength, which is having a city such as Granada within thirty minutes and thousands of activities to suit the tastes of a vast array of people».

Recognising it’s taken five years to reach this point, López underlined that «None of this has happened by coincidence. We decided to make a firm commitment to these new, spectacular disciplines, closely linked to the younger demographic, and we’ve managed to do it step by step». Spectacular is certainly a word most apt to describe the nighttime events, attracting huge interest from the public during the championships. This puts Sierra Nevada on a par with other leading resorts, observed as «a huge success».

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